Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 4th

On my way to work the fog was soo creepy, like something from a Stephen King movie. Crazy!

We have these pretty white and pink tulips at work that I was eyeing all day. I just had to take a picture of them before they went!

After my luck at keeping the daffodils alive I decided it would be best to just take a picture instead of buying them.

But I did decide that I'm going to have these pink and white tulips for my wedding flowers... and that's that. :)

The way home was not like the morning, it wasn't exactly sunny but 25 outside! At the beginning of May?! Not bad Ottawa, not bad.

And what should I come home to after a long day of work but my boyfriend hilariously passed out on my bed. I'm sure he'd be pretty angry if he knew I posted this on my blog but... that's what he gets for not reading it! ;)

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