Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 11th

Mmm, I remembered I have this bar of Honeysuckle soap that my mom bought me for Valentine's Day (last year) from Westport. It smells amazing and it's so adorable I kinda had to take a picture.

The little birdie soap dish was also a gift from my mom, she found it at a flea market. It's so cute! :)

Also I saw this car parked outside of the store today (which is why the picture is so tiny - I took it out the window!). It's the same as my car, which I love, but mine is dark red. This one is a really neat dark blue (at least I think so). I wish I could get Chris to Paint my car this colour! His father's business paints heavy machinery but they have painted a car or two. Mine next? :)

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