Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 21st

It's the Victoria Day long weekend already. I worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights so I was really happy to have Monday off and didn't want to waste it. It turned out to be a great day!

Chris and I had smoothies and bagels for breakfast :) yum. We went in the hottub for a quick dip before it got too warm outside.

Then we met up with some of my good friends from work: Tasha, Will, Lotfi and Jen. We made our way up to Twisty Cream for some ice cream and then off to Fitzroy Harbour for kayaking and canoeing! Everyone had such a great time and we all managed to not get sun burnt! That's a pretty big accomplishment for my pale face. - This picture is Tasha and Lotfi, unfortunately nobody wanted to a bring a camera in case we tipped over so this is one of the only pictures we have, taken with Lotfi's phone. But that's okay we plan to go a lot more :)

Afterwards we all met up at Jack Astor's for dinner and drinks.

That night Chris and I went down to Queen Juliana park for the Victoria Day festival fireworks. We made it there just in time and got a good spot - as good as possible because for some reason they weren't letting people sit on the grass, but we found some to put our blanket on just at the edge of the boundary.

They only ended up lasting five minutes. Some people were pretty peeved - I would be too if I came a couple minutes late lol. But they were beautiful while they lasted and free so who can complain?

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