Saturday, May 11, 2013


Another year of university has come to a close and it's been a pretty successful one. While it was full of my usual last minute assignments, up all hours the night before the due date... it paid off and I will be getting a scholarship for next year because of it! :) But now it's summer vacation for me and there are quite a few things I'm hoping to do this summer...

One thing is fitness. I am working (slowly) into many different things. Every Wednesday this Summer Tasha and I are doing yoga on Parliament Hill which Lululemon hosts for free with several yoga teachers from the Ottawa area. There have been two classes so far and they've been awesome. The first week there were 511 people and the second week there were over a thousand! It's a great experience and requires a lot of sunscreen cause you sure do cook out there with no shade in the noon sun, and that's just in May. Below is a picture from the first week, it's a beautiful site. Besides yoga Tasha and I are also planning on getting memberships to the leisure centre near us and doing as many of the classes as we can handle. And I am also going to do some Jillian Michael's work outs on my own like the 30-Day Shred which I did partly last summer and somehow stopped half way through. But hopefully I can commit this year.

Another thing I want to do a lot of this summer is scrapbooking. I've amassed a huge amount of supplies in the last few months which I saved a lot of money on by getting them through Kijiji and finding and making my own in many different ways. I'll be putting up some of my own posts about DIY supplies that have worked out really well for me, but this post has also been really useful for ideas about how to reuse things and save money on supplies - I love the main photo of how they used a juice can lid as an embellishment and there are so many other good ideas to try that are all pretty much free things you have in your home.

Well Spring in Ottawa doesn't really exist so welcome to Summer! 

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