Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Honeycomb/Hexagon Stamp

Recently I've been doing a lot of collecting of scrapbook supplies in any way I can find them. I'm trying to keep from spending a lot of money on this hobby by using things I already have and wouldn't think to use for scrapbooking. The other day while washing the dishes I had kind of an epiphany when I saw the BBQ chicken container - you know, the kind everyone is always talking about on Pinterest. You get the chickens for about $7 (or less in the US)...

Well something I never noticed about these before was the bottom - it's a honeycomb shape that would be just perfect to use for a background stamp in scrapbooking! So I just cut in to the centre and took out the part that had the honeycomb pattern...

And within ten seconds you've got a great little stamp you can use on all kinds of pages!

Stamps of this size are usually around ten bucks and up, but making it this way is free :) You just ink it up and end press it down with the palm of your hand and you've got a great textured background. 

You can make it fairly transparent or very thick depending on how hard you push down on it. Hopefully I can find some more ways to make my own free scrapbooking supplies this summer :) For ideas on how to incorporate the honeycomb stamp into page layouts, check out my Scrapbooking Inspiration board on Pinterest here:


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  2. Thanks so much!
    It's really nice to hear that my idea was useful for someone :) I'll definitely try to post some more tips like this.

    -L. Adelle