Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June 24th

Chris and I had a sushi night tonight. We bought all the ingredients and made a ton of sushi ourselves. And my god was it ever good.

We made all this for about $18... so I have no idea why sushi costs so much to buy at grocery stores pre-made...

It turned out really well. The rice worked perfectly even though I messed up the cooking process lol.

And rolling it went really well once we got the hang of it. This was like... legit sushi. I will have to try and make some more. A customer suggested I make smoked salmon with cream cheese and I can't wait to try it.

I got all the recipes and tips I used from my Sushi with Style book by Ellen Brown. I am so happy to have it. The tips are seriously great and I feel like a pro. I learned what types of tools you need, what ingredients work best, how to make, season and cool the rice, how to put the rice on the seaweed properly, how to roll, how to cut, just everything you could ever need to know.

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