Thursday, July 5, 2012

May 31st

I spent the day at Chris' parents' house. While helping his mom plant some flowers their dog, Phoebe jumped up into the flower bed for a rest.

And then over to my hoodie for another rest... haha

Chris' dad found three baby raccoons above their barn and he is raising them, feeding them formula from baby bottles and everything. I helped him feed them and they were soo adorable the way they grabbed for the bottles with their little hands. After their bellys were full they would waddle around, so cute.

A chicken in the next barn stall was really nosy and kept peeking his head through to get a good look haha

Chris let one of them crawl around on his shoulders which I could not believe, I was never too crazy about raccoons...

Oh and there were a TON of little (well medium sized) chicks, a few weeks old, in another stall. I thought it was funny how this one hen was walking back and forth in front of the pen as if she was guarding it.

Chris actually convinced me to let one on my shoulder and I, of course, took a liking to the little one. It was tired from eating still so it just clung to my shirt.. soo cute

sooo cute...

ohh sooo cute.... :)

His mom's vegetable garden is just getting started. She has a lovely pattern laid out in wood chips

And... heres a picture of Phoebe and a rhubarb leaf that is at least twice her size hahaha. Teeny tiny doggy.

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