Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2nd

A few pictures from my morning/testing out my new camera...

My lovely breakfast :) I sure know how to make myself drool...

My pajama pants... I have had these forever. My best friend gave them to me for Christmas like... six years ago? ... They say "I love you more than... Chocolate, diamonds, makeup, shoes, etc." Needless to say they are a little ratty so this picture is rather cropped lol.

My stealthy cat, Phoebe, who thinks that if you stare hard enough into the bird feeder it will make birds appear.

Another of Phoebe's stealthy ideas... sitting right above the hole in the ground where the chipmunk lives. I guess she won't be catching her own breakfast.

Bought these lovely little daffodils from my store. You can't tell in this shot but they are sooo tiny I just had to bring them home. They didn't live but I still like the way they look dried like this.

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