Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Things I am Excited For!!

Thought I would share some of the holiday things that I've been seeing/buying recently that are making me super excited for the Christmas season! :D You know, that giddy feeling where you forget how much it sucks to go outside and stand with your teeth chattering at the train station every single morning...

Holiday PJs :) I just got a wonnnnderful fleece button up pajama top
with reindeers and snowflakes on it to match some snowflake pajama
pants that I have - it's so warm and cozy I can't stop wearing it!

Tim's holiday cups! I couldn't find a picture of the 2013 but it's out!
I had one last week with my peppermint tea :) Love the scenes on
them, they make me feel totally warm and fuzzy

These big tins of assorted European cookies/Belgian biscuits that
always come out around the holiday and are soo addictive.

Starbucks holiday flavoured drinks - I don't buy too many Starbucks and I
think we all know why, $$$, but I'm pretty sure their peppermint mochas
and eggnog lattes could get anyone in the mood for tree trimming ;)

Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge Crackle ice cream.... or any flavour
with mint, chocolate, and a little holiday cheer involved. So delicious,
mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavour year round but it's always
improved somehow during the holidays with After 8 or candy cane.

Annnyways, as these things start arriving... I start getting the tinsel and white lights out :) Having said that, those bell ringing salvation army people and Christmas music in stores in November still make me rage just as much as the next person... save those parts for December okay people?
xo L. Adelle

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