Monday, January 13, 2014

I Won Again :D

A couple months back I won a $150 gift card to Value Village through a Pinterest contest where you had to create a DIY Halloween board. This holiday season I entered another contest Dynamite's Pin the Halls, where you had to create a holiday wishlist with Dynamite items in it. Annnnd just found out a few days ago that I won that as well :D $150 gift card to Dynamite!

And I must say, as a full time University student working part time to pay my tuition in full - while also working my butt off at school! - I see a lot of my money come in one end of my bank account and right out the other at the beginning of the next school year. So it's sort of nice to earn some money that can only be used for shopping... looks like I will be doing some much needed wardrobe refreshing ... also possibly quitting school and taking up full-time Pinning as my career.. umm we'll see. ;)

L. Adelle

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