Friday, November 15, 2013

A Few of my Favourite Things...

This post was supposed to be about some of my favorite things on Trend Trunk. I ended up getting into a big thing about what Trend Trunk is and what is so great about it, but I do eventually get to my favorite listings so bare with me... :)

If you haven't heard of Trend Trunk, or you've heard of it but haven't checked it out, and you live in Canada, you should go and sign up immediately! I just saw an ad in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago and I have been officially addicted since later that day when I first went to the website.

Trend Trunk is a site where you can buy and sell pre-owned clothing/accessories/beauty items/whatever to other people all over Canada. There are so many wonderful things on there, a lot of them at really great prices. It is somewhat similar to Kijiji if you've used that, because of the way that ad's are free, you can easily change prices and bargain with people, etc. But what's different from Kijiji is that Trend Trunk provides fixed rate shipping all over Canada. So while on Kijiji, if you find something you want to buy, you have to arrange for pickup yourself and you can only really shop within your local area. With Trend Trunk, every item on the site ships for $8 and $8 only!! I really love this because it means that if you see like 5 things in somebody's closet (that's what each person's shop is called) and you decide you want them all, you can ask the seller to combine all the items into one listing, and when you purchase it you only have to pay 8$ total shipping for all of those 5 items!

Not only is this great for buyers, but sellers too! I have always wanted to open up an Etsy store but the trouble of calculating shipping costs for each individual person was such a hassle. And, being in Canada, I found that often shipping was so high that I couldn't expect any reasonable person to want to pay that much on top of what they were already paying for the item. So with Trend Trunk 8$ is automatically added to every listing and when that is purchased, a shipping label is sent directly to the seller who then only has to print it off, tape it to a box and give it to the post office. Also Trend Trunk holds the funds from the buyer in a third party account with Escrow until the package is received (based on Canada Post package tracking not the buyer's word), and once the package arrives the funds are released to the seller, making sure nobody get's ripped off!

I will try to wrap up my blahblahblah-ing, but there is just one other feature on Trend Trunk that is great. There is an option to choose a charity and donate a percentage of the money you make from a listing to one of the many charities available. You choose the percentage and whether you want to do it for each individual listing. I think that's such a unique idea! So in exchange for all of this service Trend Trunk does charge a 20% fee per sold listing which I think is worth it for sure, much better than any consignment store and you are selling to all over Canada not just one little area, so much more likely to sell.

At the moment Trend Trunk is in a pretty early stage and they are really looking for help from investors to get going. They were on Dragon's Den this November and made a deal with Kevin initially but it turned out not to be suitable after the show, so they are now asking for customers to be the Dragons and help fund them, there are a number of options for donating money to help them get going and one option that is up for a limited time costs $25, for which you get $25 back in a gift card for Trend Trunk, so if you find that you like the service it would be a really great way to help out a small company from Hamilton, Ontario!

Annnnnnnyways, back to the original point of this post. Here are a few of my favorite listings on Trend Trunk right now. I almost didn't want to post some of them because I'm afraid someone else will buy them and I'll regret not getting them first lol, but here we go anyways...

I pretty much love everything about this adorable
vintage floral dress by Mine, which is only $25,
and that includes shipping! Can you see why I love this site?

This Kate Spade purse is brand new, going for $188,
unfortunately that is so far out of my price range :( :(
But I would just love one in this color... some day...

I think it's safe to say that Oxblood (burgundy) is the color
to wear this Fall. And I'm soo loving it. It's awesome.
This cap sleeve shirt by Twelve By Twelve is only $20+shipping!

A little more burgundy, although I'm not quite stylish enough
to pull off this felt cloche hat (okay not nearly stylish enough),
it reminds me of one Spencer Hastings wore on PLL,
and she knows hats. It's up for $17+shipping :)

Something about these satin Paris Hilton heels is soo lovely,
I can't seem to take my eyes off them. Especially with the adorable
toe polish she's got going on. They're only $53 but they're a half
size too big for my tiny little feet so unfortunately I can't buy them.

Okay this one isn't actually up there anymore cause I bought it ;)
But I thought I would still share because I spent my whole summer
searching for a vest like this and finally find out on Trend Trunk.
I didn't end up getting it til Fall... :/ but I'm still happy to have it.
It's a Gap 1969 denim vest and I got it for 5$+Shipping ...yeah! <3

So hopefully you can find some items you love on there too. Christmas presents perhaps?
(I bought some brand new, unopened BodyShop body butters recently as a present for
way cheaper than they are in store. Pretty please check out my own Trend Trunk closet at and let me know if you make one of your own!

xo L. Adelle

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