Monday, November 11, 2013

I won a prizzze!! :D

Just thought I would share the fact that I WON $150 gift card to Value Village recently just for entering one of my Pinterest boards in a contest - how exciting is that?!

I recently entered this contest with Value Village and Jenny On The Spot where you submit a Pinterest board which draws inspiration from their Halloween DIY board, so I entered my own Pinterest Halloween Board and it ended up winning for creativity and Pinspiration :D $150 that is! I love shopping at Value Village so I am suuuuper happy, can't wait to have a shopping spree this coming weekend...

See? :D Now who ever said that pinning all day doesn't pay off?! Anyways this will be my big excitement for a little while so I thought I should brag about it. Go ahead and check out my Halloween Board, and the rest of my Pinterest while you're at it ;)

xo L. Adelle

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