Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Needle Felted Valentines

Back in December I discovered needle felting. If you needle felt you know it's really easy to pick up on and can also be really painful! But I love it. I went on Etsy and bought needles, a foam pad, and all kinds of roving wool colours and started making Christmas ornaments for people. It's great, much easier than most hobbies because you just take your felting needle and go at it and get better as you go, of course there are techniques but you can teach yourself basically. If you want to learn faster there are lots of tutorials on Youtube for free. And if you don't want to needle felt you can always buy other people's creations from Etsy. So I put together a few adorable creations and creatures for Valentine's day. I hope you like them!

Scratchcraft on Etsy made this adorable elephant. I can't get over how cute he is. I will definitely have to make one!

This little love bug was made by Asherjasper. It's also a rattle :)

I have seen many cute needle felted penguins but I think this one by MiloandBen tops them all... look at himmm awwwh..

PhDstressrelief made this sweet little squirrel holding a heart. These would make such sweet gifts.

I love this little love otter made by AdoraWools. And you can hang it too! :)

Hehe, I have never seen a needle felted mole before so this guy from clairsmoker really got me... I'm gonna be making moles for every occasion now

Isn't this pin cushion ring by DarnedLovely just ...lovely? I'll definitely try and make one, and I'll have to find me some of those heart shaped pins :)

I love these heart shaped toad stools from FforFelt. How cute would those be on your window sill?

Annnd another cute little thing to put on your window sills or to string to gift tags or whatever you can think of.... these sweet little heart acorns from handmadebybrynne, though I can never seem to get acorns quite right.

I left these peas in a pod from Anniemator for last because they aren't quite Valentine themed. But when I make these I'll give them some rosey cheeks and put a little heart in between them. I love peas in pods :)

I hope you try out needle felting, it really is great. And if you stab your finger it doesn't hurt for long, I promise! Have fun :)

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  1. these are great finds! thank you so much for including me :)

    i also fell into needle felting and am in LOVE! such a great way to get some pent up stress out by stabbing at wool til it becomes cute!