Monday, June 4, 2012

May 26th

Chris and I were bored today so we went to Stittsville and the Flea Market happened to be open, unusual for a Saturday. Chris kept going on about how comfortable Crocs were so he bought me a pair for $3... they are boys', army camouflage pattern... how cool right? Not only that, they fit me perfectly and yet they say they are size 2.5-3 (seriously?). I always thought I was a size 4 in boys' shoes hahaha. Oh well. So we also went to this feed&seed place next to the flea market and saw some cool vegetables and plants. Chris got a green grape plant which we have yet to do anything with.

We saw these weird furry red things, I just saw them in a plant book the other day but I can't remember what they're called. But they were really cool, and fuzzy.

I loved these little pink and yellow flowers :)

And these white ones were really nice too :)

Later that day we were pretty busy. Went to a garage sale on the next street over that had a whole bunch of really nice old stuff. Best garage sale I've ever been to by far. This guy had been collecting those little bottles of alcohol when he was younger, he said he stopped collecting 30 years ago and he had quite the collection. We bought like 20 of the bottles. I'll have to take some pictures and add them later. We also bought a Singer sewing machine from 1949, and a banker's desk, from the 50s, which Chris is working on refinishing... and a lovely little cookie tin with a beautiful pattern on it. My mom went too and I convinced her to buy this little metal tricycle thing that goes in your garden and holds a plants which was adorrrable. We bought lots more but you know...

Later we went to my friend's bonfire because she is moving June 1st and wanted to have one last fire at her old house. But we had to leave early to go to Chris' brother's stag&doe party. So all in all it was a really long day. (Not to mention we ended up driving all the way home and didn't get back til 4:30 am!)

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