Monday, June 4, 2012

May 24th

Today was my friend's birthday. She's quite a bubbly girl so for her present I decided to use an idea I found on Pinterest for a "Box of Sunshine" - a cute little gift from Happy Money Saver.

For the box I bought a pretty big decorative box from the dollar store, and I had planned to wrap the box and lid in bright yellow wrapping paper. But I couldn't find any on short notice so I used the next best thing - Tinkerbell wrapping paper. This worked for me because my friend loves Tinkerbell. But if you're going to make it for someone you should probably find the yellow stuff lol...

I also found the perfect big yellow bow to stick on and for the card, I happened to have some blank note cards with a sun on them. On the inside I wrote "Happy Birthday Little Miss Sunshine".

For the gifts - they were all mostly yellow. I put yellow tissue paper in the bottom. I got her a yellow Bacardi Breezer (you could just put lemonade in if you're doing it for a kid or someone who doesn't drink). I put in yellow pixie sticks, marshmallow bananas, lemon drops, yellow jelly beans, a yellow push pop, this yummy beach-scented yellow soap I bought from a flea market vendor, various other yellow candies, and a personal birthday cake bag (I'll explain below). I also had to add a little pink because I wanted to get her a sash that said Princess (so her), and they only came in pink.

So this little gift was my idea, a personal birthday cake bag. I thought it would be awesome for her to be able to have a little birthday moment when I gave her the present. So I made a little cupcake-in-a-cup, and put that in a cellophane bag with two candles (a "2" and a "0" for "20"), a lighter (pink and yellow to go with the theme, I also put her name on it in rhinestones, she smokes but if your gift-getter doesn't you could just put a match in there to light the candles), and a spoon for her to eat the cake.

I got the idea for this little cupcake-in-a-cup off Pinterest too. I was originally just going to make mini cupcakes and put one inside a cup to keep the icing from getting wrecked, but then I couldn't find my mini cupcake pan and I was in a rush so I decided to use this idea for parfait cupcakes off La Casserole Carrée. Lucky for me the plastic cups I had fit the bottom of the cupcake perfectly. You can't bake in these cups obviously so I baked my cupcakes in the little paper wrappers. Then I put the bottom of one cupcake into my cup, sliced of the top (which doesn't fit in), put a layer of pink icing, put in another cupcake bottom, sliced off the top, and put a layer of yellow icing and sprinkles. It was super easy :)

And of course being a lovely girlfriend I made a "heart-shaped" (more like blob shaped) cupcake with the leftover batter for Chris.

For the day we all went out to breakfast at Rockin' Johnny's and then to The Spa for pedicures. It was sooo nice there. But equally expensive. They did a really really good job.

I got Elephantastic Pink on my toes. OPI has such weird nail colour names... Thanks A Wind Million was one of my favourites, along with Hot and Spicy (an orangy pink).

Then we all went to Boston Pizza for dinner and drinks. Chris met us after he finished work. He paints heavy machinery and I noticed that he had a heart shaped mark from primer on his arm :) So of course I made him let me take a picture of it lol. How cool!

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