Monday, June 4, 2012

May 25th

I took Archie down to this little creek on our street today to swim because he wasn't too happy in the heat. Usually I'd throw a stick for him and he goes crazy chasing after them and bringing them back, but we had trouble finding any at all so I was throwing reeds which he would jump in after but then couldn't figure out where they were because they were too small.

So of course when I finally found a stick he went and grabbed it and then immediately took it to the other side of the creek and started chewing on it. He would not come back over and I thought he was acting kind of weird cause I could kind of see him through the tall grass just sitting there with his head down, not actually chewing on the stick. So anyways I finally got him to come back over and we started walking home.

As we were walking Archie seemed really weird. Then he kept putting his head down and pawing at his mouth. And I realized he had gotten a little piece of stick stuck across the roof of his mouth between his teeth. He would not let me help and just kept stepping on my hand with one paw and using his other paw to uselessly swipe at his mouth.

Well I finally got the stick out and he was okay but I felt pretty bad for my poor stupid dog lol. He was pretty pissed.

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