Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Late Valentine's Day Post...

So maybe I should have posted this a few weeks ago but I wanted to share something I made for my Valentine this Valentine's Day :) I got the recipe for these Sweetie Pies off Pinterest and it was so simple I just had to try them out. They worked great! Here are some pictures of the ones I made...

All you do is roll out pie crust, cut it into heart shapes with a cookie cutter (actually I didnt have one so I made a stencil and traced around that which is not fun but worked just as well). Then you put a small spoonful of jam in the middle of one heart (less than you'd think because you have to enclose it). You moisten the edges of it with water, take another pie crust heart and put that on top of the one with jam. Then press the two hearts together and use a fork to make the lines on the edges and a small vent in the middle. Bake at 425F until lightly browned, about 15 minutes (less for me, watch them). Dust them with icing sugar and spread the love! :)

Here is a picture from the blog post with the recipe in it, you can find it at The Farm Chicks. It has lots of details and pictures of the process. Including the following. Enjoy!!

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