Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheap and Easy DIY Stocking Stuffers (for Girls)

I've seen tons of "cheap" stocking stuffer ideas on Pinterest lately and... let's face it... some of them are just bad. I won't name blogs but I read one today that was so bad that I thought... I could/should definitely make a post better than that. So here are what I think are some of the best cheap and easy stocking stuffer ideas for older girls that you can make yourself.

1. T-Shirt Memory Scarf
Great use for all their old t-shirts that don't fit anymore but are still saved for the memories.
Very sentimental and no cost!

2. Leg Warmers/Boot Socks From Sweaters
Either cost of a sweater from the thrift store or $0 if you use an old one.
A great, stylish gift for this time of year!

3. Vintage Tin Candles
So sweet and so many options. I always see all kinds of tins at thrift stores for 99 cents each and you could make them in her favorite scent or color.

4. Thread-wrapped Earbuds
She'll love these because they keep earbuds from getting so annoyingly tangled up - not to mention they're adorable. And you'll love them because it costs next to nothing to do!

5. Yoga Mat Bag
All it takes to make this yoga bag is some leftover stylish fabric and the ability to sew by hand or with a machine. Takes no time at all :)

6. Jersey Infinity Scarf
A couple of yards of jersey fabric and the slightest bit of stitching makes one of these adorable infinity scarves that are seen all over lately.

7. Mittens Sewn From Sweaters
Can't knit or don't have the time during the busy holiday season? That's ok. These cute mittens look like you knitted them by hand but really are sewn from two pieces of a sweater. So fast and reminds me of the Grinch's tailoring skills! lol.

8. Fabric Covered Votive Jars
These pretty little facbric votive jars can be made to match her decor and are great either as candle holders or for holding things like makeup brushes, pencils, art supplies, etc.

9. Sugar Hand Scrub
This is called a Gardener's Hand Scrub but it's really great for dry winter hands and is made from sugar and dish soap that has Olay in it. I'm going to make these for mother's day but it would be a great cheap stocking stuffer too!

10. Kindle Cover From Hardcover Book
This awesome tutorial shows you how to turn a hardcover book into an adorable Kindle or iPad holder.

11. Photo Journal/Notebook
Turn some special photos and some nice paper into one of these adorable photo-covered journals!

12. Rhinestone Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments
With some dollar store ornaments and rhinestone stick on initials, you can make some really sweet monogrammed ornaments for about 2$ that will be cherished for years to come.

13. Hot Chocolate Spoons
Wrap these in cellophane and a gold twist tie.
Great for stirring cocoa on Christmas morning while opening gifts.

14. Snowmen Photo-holders from Giant Clothespins
It's really easy to make a couple of these photo-holders from giant clothespins. They're great for holding cards, pictures, or recipes around the holiday season.

15. CD Wallet Scrapbook
A lovely sentimental gift in miniature version! You could do a theme for it, like previous Christmas's or pictures from the past year, and then do one every year.

16. Lotion Bars
These lotion bars are like the ones you'll find at Lush, but only take three ingredients. They are great for winter hands and for keeping in places you need a little moisturizer like on the night stand.

17. Braided Leather, Rope and Chain Headband
Very cute headband with just a few materials. Make in Christmas colours or in black and gold for her to wear to upcoming New Year's Eve parties.

18. Button Bracelet
These are really cute and who doesn't have a ton of buttons lying around to make this?

19. Ombre Seed Bead Bracelet
I used this tutorial this summer to make one of these bracelets for myself and it turned out really cute!

20. Glittered Metal Bracelets/Bangles
Get some old metal bangles you don't wear anymore or some from the thrift store and spruce them up with glue and glitter. Nothing says Christmas spirit like sparkles! :)

21. Knob Pulls Necklace Holder
This adorable necklace holder is made from a piece of wood, paint, and cute mismatched knob bulls you can find cheap at thrift stores. So cute to hang on the wall to display jewelry.

22. Pretty Shoe Clips
She will love wearing these handmade shoe clips on her shoes to holiday parties. I used the flower clips tutorial and made some to wear to a wedding this year and everyone loved them. The bows are really sweet too. You can buy the clips on Etsy cheap and then you just need a little fabric, thread and hot glue.

23. Tinted Lip Balm in a Vintage Tin
All you need for this tinted lip balm is Vaseline, Koolaid and an adorable little tin! I'm going to be making all kinds of this.

24. Embroidery Thread Wrapped Friendship Necklaces
These friendship necklaces are made from different colors of embroidery thread and thin cotton rope. I think these are so awesome, I'd love to get some in my stocking!

25. Leather Bow Bracelet
All you need is a little scrap of leather and a snap to make this sweet bow bracelet she is sure to love.

Happy HoliDIYs!


  1. These are all so cute! Much better than some of the other posts out there. Thank You for posting this.

  2. Thank you! And I agree, I was looking for some posts myself and I found some of them to be a little unrealistic in terms of time and money. I hope my little collection is useful for someone!

  3. Well I was trying to find earbud instructions and short cut doesn't take it you them at all. so how do I make them?

  4. Some very good ideas - shame they have to be 'adorable' or 'cute'. Such descriptions tend to put me off, sorry.

  5. LOVE these! Can hardly wait to make some! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Loved the great ideas lotion soap and tinted lip gloss brilliant..

  7. I'm a little late to the party but these are all great ideas even still. I agree with the others who say this post is much better than many of the others you'll find. Thanks for the ideas!